Melanie George

Educator, Choreographer, Dramaturg, Scholar


Melanie in rehearsal with Bebe Miller.

Melanie in rehearsal with Bebe Miller.

As a dramaturg, I work with contemporary performing artists in the development of new works. I am an advocate and empath for the artistic work, and a thought-partner for the artist. Inquiry is at the heart of the process. What does the artist value? What can I identify about the aesthetic to propel the work forward (and when, where, why, how)?  In addition to the traditional work of a dramaturg - research, rehearsal tracking, attending to the narrative threads, synthesizing disparate themes, counsel for the makers and doers – I prioritize composing text to frame the work as the artists want it be received by the audience, critics, and the field at large. My experience as a certified movement analyst and rehearsal director allows artists to utilize me as an “outside eye” and performance coach. My greatest strength is my ability to calibrate to the process and accept artists on their terms. As a result, my dramaturgy history reflects a range of artist aesthetics and genres.

Roles I Play as a Dramaturg

Audience Educator

Choreographic Advisor

Dance Editor

Outside Eye

Performance Coach

Rehearsal Assistant



You can ask her anything about the work and her response will be something that furthers your thinking. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she effortlessly articulates questions, patterns, concepts, rhythms, metaphors she sees set into motion by the work.
— Susan Marshall
Melanie in rehearsal with Helen Simoneau. Photo by Kate Enman.

Melanie in rehearsal with Helen Simoneau. Photo by Kate Enman.

Watch a video of Melanie in rehearsal with Maria Bauman-Morales for MBDance’s evening length work (re) Source, premiering in September 2019.



Residency Support

  • Machine Dazzle - Treasure, 2019

  • 600 Highwaymen - Manmade Earth, 2019

  • Ephrat Asherie Dance - UnderScored, 2019

  • LMNO3 - Unpacking Pina, 2019

  • ZviDance – MAIM, 2019

  • Urban Bush Women – Scat, 2018

  • Susan Marshall and So Percussion – Construction, 2018

  • Bebe Miller – In a Rhythm, 2017

  • David Dorfman Dance – Aroundtown, 2017

  • Susan Marshall/Jason Treuting/Suzanne Bocanegra - Chromatic, 2016

Extended Projects 

  • Kathy Westwater – Rambler, Worlds Worlds A Part, 2019

  • Kimberly Bartosik/daela – i hunger for you, 2018

  • Raja Feather Kelly/the feath3r theory – Another Fucking Warhol Production or Who’s Afraid of Andy Warhol, 2017


  • Urban Bush Women Choreographic Center – ongoing affiliation

  • Caleb Teicher & Company – Swing 2020. Premiering August 2020.

  • Kimberly Bartosik/daela - untitled new work. Premiering March 2020.

  • David Neumann/Advanced Beginner Group & Marcella Murray – Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed. Premiering January 2020.

  • Urban Bush Women - Hair & Other Stories, 2019

  • Hope Boykin Dance - untitled project, 2019-20

  • MBDance/Maria Bauman-Morales – (re)Source, 2019

  • Melanie Greene – Sapphire, 2019

  • Helen Simoneau Danse – Darling, 2019-20

  • Alice Sheppard/Kinetic Light – DESCENT, 2018

  • Caleb Teicher & Company – More Forever, 2017. Jacobs Pillow In-Process Lab.

  • Morgan Thorson – Public Love, 2017. Jacobs Pillow In-Process Lab.