Melanie George

Educator, Choreographer, Dramaturg, Scholar



Panelist, Sorry I Missed Your Show: Adrienne Truscott, Gibney

Moderator, Treasure, Machine Dazzle, Guggenheim Works & Process

Scholar-In-Residence, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

Invited master teacher and Co-Facilitator. National Dance Education Organization Special Topics Conference, Jazz Dance: Hybrids, Fusions, Connections, Community, Newport, RI

Pre-Show Talks, Lumberyard, Catskill, NY

  • On The Water, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company

  • Reconstruction (Still Working but the Devil Might Be Inside), The Team

  • Seagull, Elevator Repair Service

  • Treasure, Machine Dazzle

  • Manmade Earth, 600 Highwaymen

  • UnderScored, Ephrat Asherie Dance

  • LIKE / MIAM, ZviDance

Contributor/Consultant, Transmission: Roots to Branches, Documentary Film, On the Rocks Films

Guest, act/re/act podcast


Pre-Show Talks, Lumberyard, Catskill, NY

  •  Nervous/System, Andrew Schneider

  • I Hunger for You Kimberly Bartosik/daela

  • Variations on Themes from Lost and Found: Scenes from a Life and other works by John Bernd, Ishmael Houston-Jones & Miguel Gutierrez

  • Hinterland, John Jasperse

  • Dark Matter Messages, D. Sabela Grimes

Post Show Discussion Moderator, I Hunger for You, Kimberly Bartosik/daela, BAM, New York, NY

Post-Show Discussion Moderator, Kaneza Schaal, Lumberyard, Catskill, NY

Pre-Show Talk, Au Bon Coeur, Helanius J. Wilkins, University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, CO

Invited Panelist, Collective Memory: Conversations about Context, Collaboration, & Performance, University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder, CO

Guest Artist Lecture, Kind of Blue: The Evolution, Colonization, and Survival of Jazz Dance, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

Guest, The Dance Union podcast

Post Show Discussion Moderator, Rioult Dance NY, Joyce Theater, New York, NY

Invited Panelist, Post-Show Discussion, No Boundaries: Dancing the Visions of Contemporary Black Choreographers, Gesel Mason Performance Projects, Harlem, NY


National Dance Education Organization 18th Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX

  • Panelist, Summer Jazz Conferences Past and Future

  • Paper, Pas de bour-SLAY!: Making the Case for Neo-Jazz, A Historically Based Contemporary Jazz Technique

Invited Panelist, Lasky Symposium, Jerome Robbins Foundation, New York, NY


Pre-Show Talks, American Dance Institute, Rockville, MD

  • Bloodlines, Stephen Petronio,

  • Demolishing Everything with Amazing Speed, Dan Hurlin

  • Poor People’s TV Room, Okwui Okpokwasili

  • Articles of Faith, Cynthia Hopkins

  • Marksman, Kate Weare Company

  • Still Life, Morgan Thorson

  • Rememberer, Steven Reker/Open House

  • On The Road, ZviDance

  • Wilderness, Brian Brooks

  • Bound, Steve Paxton

  • Pam Tanowitz/Ballet ADI

  • You Are Here, Jane Comfort

  • Why Patterns/Recess, Jonah Bokaer

  • The Resilience Project, Joe Goode Performance Group

  • Bewilderment and Other Queen Lions, Samita Sinha

Guest Lecture, University of Maryland-College Park, Graduate Dance Program, College Park, MD. Topic: Launching Your Career in Academia

National Dance Education Organization 17th Annual Conference, Crystal City, VA 

  • Panelist, Laying Groundwork: Planning a Dance Major Program

  • Panelist, Advocating for Accuracy: How Tap and Jazz Journalism is Missing The Mark

  • Workshop (w/ Karen Bradley): Advocating for Yourself: How to Interview

Invited master teacher and panelist. National Dance Education Organization Special Topics Conference, Jazz Dance Roots and Branches in Practice, Newport, RI

Invited Panel Chair, Dance in Academia in the 21st Century: Training Beyond Ballet and Modern Dance. Dance/USA 2016 Annual Conference, Austin, TX


Pre-Show Talks, American Dance Institute, Rockville, MD

  • Custodians of Beauty, Palissimo

  • Short Form, Big Dance Theatre

  • Hagoromo, Wendy Whelan/Jock Soto/David Neumann

  • Walking With ‘Trane, Urban Bush Women

  • Polly Pocket Expansion Pack, Jillian Peña

  • Limited Visibility, Christopher K. Morgan & Artists

  • Remy Charlip’s Airmail Dances, Ballet ADI and Jodi Melnick

  • Find Yourself Here, Joanna Kotze

  • Urban Bush Women (mixed repertory)

  • I Understand Everything Better, David Neumann

  • The Blues Project, Dorrance Dance

  • Chambre, Jack Ferver

  • Chromatic, Susan Marshall/Jason Treuting/Suzanne Bocanegra

  • Ballet ADI with Loni Landon

Panelist, Can We Develop Artists Within a Dance Minor Program? National Dance Education Organization 17th Annual Conference, Phoenix, IL.


Pre-Show Talks, American Dance Institute, Rockville, MD

  • This, Neil Greenberg

  • Reshimo, Vertigo Dance

  • Oxbow, Ivy Baldwin Dance Company

  • Awáa, Aszure Barton & Artists

  • Everything You See, Vicky Shick

  • Moment Marigold, Jodi Melnick

  • By the Inch, Christopher K. Morgan & Artists

  • Bleed, Tere O’Connor

  • Within between, John Jasperse

  • Hapless Bizarre, Doug Elkins

National Dance Education Organization 16th Annual Conference, Chicago, IL

  • Panelist, It’s An Art: The Choreography of Collaboration in Musical Theatre

  • Panelist, Jazz Dance in Higher Education and The Professions: Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Panelist, Many Authors, Multiple Perspectives: Collaborating on a Jazz History Textbook

  • Panelist, Student Session: Networking with Post Secondary Educators and Professional Teaching Artists.

Post-Show Discussion Moderator, Reshimo, Vertigo Dance Company, American Dance Institute, Rockville, MD

Fall for Arts, Dance with AU/DC, American University, Washington, DC

Discussion Moderator, The Choreography of Rachel Erdos, American University, Washington, DC

Post-Show Discussion Moderator, Etched, Sandra Atkinson, VisArts, Rockville, MD


Radio Interview, The Bev Smith Show, American Urban Radio Networks

Pre-Show Talk, Moses(es), Reggie Wilson/Fist & Heel Performance Group. American Dance Institute, Rockville, MD

Mastery of the Moment: Exploring Improvisation in Jazz Dance and Music. Co-presented with Dr. Marc Medwin. Fall for Arts, American University, Washington, DC

Post Show Discussion Moderator, Part and Parcel, Dance Ethos/Word Dance Theatre, Washington, DC


Paper Presentation/Panelist, Research – Examples in Our Field. Paper Title: Choreography in Academia as Research. National Dance Education Organization 13th Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN


Paper Presentation/Panelist, Progress and Complacency: A Post-Racial Dance Education? Paper Title: Reconstruction: Reconciling the Role of the 21st Century Educator within a 20th Century Paradigm. National Dance Education Organization 12th Annual Conference, Phoenix Arizona


Panelist, Working Together in Qualitative Research: The Troubles and Possibilities of Collaboration. Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice, Dayton, OH

Panel Chair, Living the Dream – How to Have a Career in a Major Dance City. National Dance Education Organization 11th Annual Conference, New York, NY

Presenting as a Leader—the Psychology of Message and Media. Co-presentation with Karen Bradley and Karen Studd (Laban Institute of Movement Studies). Rawlings Program at the University of Maryland Academy of Leadership


National Dance Education Organization 10th Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD

  • Panel Chair, Running the Race: Navigating the Tenure Track in Dance in Higher Education

  • Panelist and Faculty Advisor: Taking the Lead: Launch a Student Chapter – Kent State University Student Dance Education Organization


Moderator, Student Session: E-Folios: Your Best PR. National Dance Education Organization 9th Annual Conference, Mobile, AL

Better Git It Into Your Soul: Jazz Dance and the Pedagogy of Authenticity (Workshop). Crossing Boundaries Conference, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


National Dance Education Organization 8th Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA

  • Point of Departure: Jazz Dance, Jazz Music and Improvisation (dance technique class)

  • Panelist, Student Session: Navigating the Culture of Higher Education

  • Moderator, Student Session: Making Connections, Getting Support


Point of Departure: Jazz Dance, Jazz Music and Improvisation (Workshop). International Conference on the Arts in Society, Edinburgh, Scotland


Active Citizenry: Improvisation, Jazz Dance, and the Creative Process (workshop). National Dance Education Organization 7th Annual Conference, Buffalo, NY

Active Citizenry: Improvisation, Jazz Dance, and the Creative Process (lecture). Performing The World 3 Conference, Tarrytown, NY