Melanie George

Educator, Choreographer, Dramaturg, Scholar


  • She will always ask the most of you and she will always push you to question further and dive deeper, because she knows you are capable.
    — Ellie van Bever
  • Melanie arms you with skills to not just book a gig, but succeed during a show. Not only does she make it her mission to improve technique and acting while dancing, she makes you want to get there.
    — Matthew Rubbelke
  • [her] course stands out as my most memorable undergraduate experience, thanks to her extraordinary ability to engage her students in a way that makes scholarship a personally rewarding activity.
    — Andrew Franklin
  • As a fairly inexperienced dancer, she pushed me to become the best I could be, rather than moderating to others' expectations.
    — Sophie Schulman
  • She dances the information with her students, building material upon theory and bolstering that with important historical connections.
    — Leslie Appleget
  • [I studied] under her at a crucial period of growth in my training, she was one of the teachers that had the biggest impact on my dancing.
    — Sara Perry
  • She always pushed me to think outside the box, which helped shape me into the teacher I am today.
    — Karol Jackson-Bostick